DIY sling stand/frame plans and component supplies
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I'm looking to put together a portable sling stand without paying upwards of $300 for one. Any suggestions on plans or materials?

So, free-standing portable sling stands seem to be easy enough to find for purchase online, but I'd rather figure out a way to make my own without spending retail for it.

I've found these plans, [possibly NSFW] but the overall length of the pipes required and the wood and such, it doesn't seem to be overly portable, especially in my sub-compact car.

There are a zillion examples of this kind of set-up [NSFW] being sold online. I'm guessing that since it is so ubiquitous, there must be a way to buy the parts and assemble them into a kit. I just don't know what the correct search terms might be for those snap-together metal poles and the corner/cross joining points.

I'm looking for other available plans for building a sling stand or sling frame which aren't the same as that one, and/or suggestions about search terms or even links to places where I might be able to buy that snap-together metal tubing and the other bits I need to put together a kit of my own.
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It looks like there's a large and active group on Fetlife called BDSM Furniture Builders, I might ask this question there.
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