Name Whatshisname the Viking!
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Need a name for an unmemorable Viking!

So in our D&D game we're deciding to play a Viking game, and I've been debating over what class to play for so long, that everyone has taken to calling my as-yet-unnamed character "Whateveritis".

I think it would be funny to actually name him a Viking or Norse or Icelandic word that basically means "That guy" or "whatshisname" or "thingamajig" or some other generic "totally-unmemorable-guy" word.

Bonus points if it's a name full of those unusual letters and umlauts and so forth!

Thanks for any help!
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"Navnløs" is the Norwegian word for "nameless."
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I don't know about a last name that means "whatshisname", but for English false cognate lols, nothing beats "Snorri" as a first name!
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Vergumi Karlmathur.

It's three (or four) Icelandic words for "man". It's a bit like being called "Blokefellow Personman" in English. Oh, and the last name can be spelt "Karlmaður" if you want odd letters.
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Statistically speaking, the most common name for a man from Iceland would be Jón Jónsson.
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When stuck for a D&D name, the answer is always Carlos.
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My name is Yon Yonson. Diacritical marks optional.
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Snorre (or Snorri) Snorreson: Snorre is old Norse and comes from 'snorra', which meant twirl/whirl and presumably used as an epithet for a wild or reckless person. Snorri is an even older version of Snorre. In modern Swedish 'Snorre' means dick (the penis-y kind); Dick Dickson is a GREAT name.
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Grimm Greymann. I have no idea if this would actually be an appropriate name for a Norseman.
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Here have some placeholder names from around the world, equivalents to John Doe or John Q. Public.

Jón Jónsson is sure enough one of the names listed in Icelandic (though it's a Christian name, so not terribly Viking-y). Ola Nordmann, listed for Norwegian, might work.

Or maybe "Ålan Smiði"?
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Suthsith (trip south)
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I think a nice nondescript Viking name would be Lars Magnusson I bet there are a few people names that in a scandanavian country already.
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