Nonprofit umbrella for Omaha organization
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Help me find a nonprofit umbrella.

Starting a theater in Omaha, Nebraska and looking for a suggestions as to an organization that can act as a 501(c)3 umbrella for our initial fundraising and grant applications. A Nebraska organization would be ideal, as the we can apply for some local grants, but a national umbrella would do the trick as well.
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Fractured Atlas does fiscal sponsorship for this purpose*. They also partner closely with indiegogo if you want to do online Kickstarter-style campaigns. I've had very good experiences with them so far.

*They allow people to donate to you through them so it's tax deductible. I assume this would work for grants too, but haven't done that.
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People often use local churches or a Rotary club for this purpose. However, I suggest if you go that route to be sure that the leadership is responsible and responsive, so that you will not have trouble getting the money you raise from them, which can be very frustrating.
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Thank you, drjimmy. Fractured Atlas is a very useful thing for me to know about.
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