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So, I'm due to travel to San Francisco tomorrow from Toronto, via San Jose. I was planning to get to my hotel in San Fran using Caltrain, but lucky me, my flight's been changed to one later in the evening and I don't think there's any conceivable way I'll be able to catch the last train from Santa Clara. Any tips on how I might be able to get from SJC to SoMa in San Francisco without spending an arm and a leg?

I've seen Supershuttle and the like quoting fares of $70-80 or so per trip. Will they charge less if it turns out that other people share the ride? Are there likely to be other people traveling at 11 PM?
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Call you airline and ask them to put you on an earlier flight.

Will they charge less if it turns out that other people share the ride?

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If you have enough time you could take a cab to Fremont BART and take BART into SF. It looks like the last train that leaves Fremont that will connect you to SF leaves at 11:39, but I would double check.
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Perhaps it could be something to TaskRabbit out? Not sure if the price would be less than SuperShuttle, though.
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Well, I'll be damned, the airline actually changed my flight to SFO without any extra charge. I was seriously not expecting _that_ to happen. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!
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For future reference, "airporter" shuttle vans generally cost about $35 from San Jose to San Francisco.
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