Help me get in the Christmas spirit!
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Laid up for surgery during the month of December. Please recommend to me your cheesiest Christmas movies or TV episodes that are available online. Made-for-TV movies are OK, in fact they would be awesome.
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Oh my god, the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special was MADE for this. It's so spectacularly terrible.
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I love "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Rankin & Bass - one of their lesser known ones, but my absolute favourite. I also enjoy "The Year Without Santa" and the typical Charlie Brown special - I believe all are available on Netflix/Hulu/YouTube.

Also, don't forget the amazingly fun and funny "Scrooged", starring Bill Murray.
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Bones has a couple time-honored entries in our Christmas-special rotation:
1:9: The Man in the Fallout Shelter Isolated for medical reasons? Feeling sorry for yourself? You've got company!
3:9 The Santa in the Slush Your holidays may be dreary, but at least they don't involve sniffing a line-up of Santa butts.
Despite the dead bodies, both episodes contain plenty of heartwarming cheesiness.
Available via Netflix, iTunes, etc.
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To me, it's not the Christmas season without rewatching "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians". Released in 1964, it features Martians who come to Earth to kidnap Santa, and accidently also kidnap two Earth children, Billy and Betty. This thing is the very *definition* of cheesy! And of course, there's the theme song: 'Hooray for Santy Claus' ---

He's fat and round but jumping jiminey
He can climb down any chim-e-ney
When we hear sleigh bells ring
Our hearts go ting-a-ling
'Cause there'll be presents under the tree
Hooray for Santy Claus
Hang up that mistletoe
Soon you'll hear ho, ho, ho
On Christmas Day you'll wake up and you'll say
Hooray for Santy Claus
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The Road to Christmas
Dear Santa

Don't know if they are online, but the dvds are super cheap:
The Christmas Card
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
On The Second Day of Christmas

Also, not cheesy, but you can watch Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory on youtube.

Old stuff:

The Shop Around The Corner (sappy, but not cheesy)
Christmas In Connecticut

(Also, if you still are in Arlington, VA, so am I. Memail me if you would want to borrow any dvds).
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Bernard and the Genie.
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It's not so cheesy, but if you can get the Father Ted Xmas Special where you are, it might cheer you up a lot.
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Unlikely Angel starring Dolly Parton and Roddy McDowell is pleasantly cheesy.
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I'm not sure if it's available on Netflix streaming, but you want the MST3K version of "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." And bonus points don't get much better than their sketch that includes the song, "Patrick Swayze Christmas."
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I came to say Bernard and the Genie, but essexjan beat me to it. I will therefore suggest A Muppet Christmas Carol instead. Netflix doesn't appear to have it but it's out there in various places. *ahem*
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Love Actually is on HBO Go right now.
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Well, it's not cheesy, but it IS sentimental and heartwarming and all that stuff, plus also kind of strange, so I just have to recommend Tokyo Godfathers (an animated film by the late, lamented Satoshi Kon).

I was going to recommend Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, which won an Oscar for its hit new song, "White Christmas" but it appears to have been visited by the Suck Fairy. (Minstrel show, blackface...)

Oh well, no one's mentioned The Santa Clause yet. :| Or Santa Claus: The Movie from 1985. Maybe those are the wrong kind of cheese, though.

Also, best wishes on your recovery!
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I like Dutch with Ed O'Neil. I've always wondered who the yahoo was that decided to release that movie in theatres in the summer. It would have done much better if it had been released around the holidays.
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My favorite (so very eighties) Christmas movie as a kid was Santa Clause: The Movie which is available on Netflix streaming.

Oh, and Love, Actually.
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Oh, While You Were Sleeping is perfect for this. The IMDB page doesn't show it, but it's very Christmasy.

"Ticket collecting romantic pretends to be engaged to an unconscious man but can't fool his brother."
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Coming in late, but Blackadder's Christmas Carol is an interesting and hilarious twist on Dicken's classic.
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Muppet Family Christmas is wonderful and hilarious and available on YouTube.

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