Reverse Chrome to Phone?
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I love using the Chrome to Phone extension to send websites from Chrome to my Android phone. Does anyone know of a program that does the reverse?
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2cloud is pretty sweet.

(Disclosure: It's made by a friend of mine. But it really is pretty sweet. And there's a new version coming soon that should be even sweeter.)
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I don't use an Android phone, but on the IOS version of Chrome browser there is an option to sync between your browsers. So, if I have a website open on my desktop, and I open the menu on the IOS version of chrome, it will be shown there. The best thing is, that this works both ways, and across platforms. Thus I can sync between my PC, iPhone and iPad browsers easily.

This must exist on the Android version of Chrome.
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If you're using an Android 4.x phone, you can set up sync between all Chrome installations. This is basically what 0bvious notes. Sync includes open tabs, so it's not quite Chrome-to-Phone; you'll need to leave the tab in question open on your desktop.

To access the tabs on the other instances, just open a new tab on the phone. At the bottom, there will be 3 things on the bottom. Reading left to right, they are: recently viewed sites, mobile bookmarks, and tabs from other devices. Just go to the rightmost item.
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It does, and it has made my browser life complete.

Download Chrome on Android, sign into your account there and on your desktop. On both devices you'll have a "Other devices" option that automatically has open tabs from any signed in device. It has completely replaced Chrome to Phone, as well as Read It Later (now known as Pocket). My browsing history is completely synced across my phone, a laptop, and three desktops.
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I've used Chrome sync and 2cloud, and I sorta prefer 2cloud. It's just more direct ... one-click pushes the current page to the phone with no fuss. But they both work.
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Chrome sync works fine. FWIW, Firefox Sync also works fine on Android if you want to use that browser. (I sometimes prefer it over Chrome on Android because it has a functional ad blocking addon, and you know, takes addons)
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