Therapist in Asheville, NC?
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Help me find a psychotherapist in Asheville, NC.

A dear friend has just moved to Asheville, NC and is looking for a good psychotherapist for talk therapy. She's not looking for a particular modality or degree, just a compassionate, smart person. She has mild anxiety and depression, just moved to the area and is looking for someone to see weekly. She knows no one in NC, so I said I'd ask for her. I'm sure she'd be delighted if the therapist took insurance or had a sliding scale, but all recommendations welcome.
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Check your memail.
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Life coaches, doctors, realtors, psychics, attorneys, preachers, lesbians, and baptists are slightly less numerous than therapists in Asheville. I was never sure if people moved there because they were crazy or if Asheville made 'em crazy? (Just tell her to be sure to dodge the baptists. The rest of the zoo is safe!)

If she's new to the area, Yellow Pages are her friend. Any recommendations anyone makes for therapists is like trying on hats or bras. It's personal and not really something you can delegate. Tons of local therapists work on sliding scales. All work on the generic stuff you list.

No kidding. You'd think something was wrong with the place based on how many people make their living in therapy work of one sort or another. (And nothing is!) Friend will love it and the location is GOOD for mental health, generally, (IMO as a displaced native!)

If you absolutely MUST give her a name, memail.
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Syd Speer was a huge help to me in years past. If she's feeling broke, try All Souls counseling center for sliding scale. City councilman (and close friend of mine, full disclosure) Gordon Smith is a therapist and has a small practice as well.
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