Help me find a clothing website I never bookmarked
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Help me find a website I saw a few years ago. It sold smart women's clothing, mostly dresses (and specifically long sleeved dresses), and I remember a major selling point being that the person who set it up (maybe a librarian or academic?) wanted to find clothing for work that didn't require endless layering to look appropriate and modest. The stuff was well made and they didn't have a huge stock (I don't think it was Modcloth). It was perfect for anyone who is sick of having to wear cardigans all the damn time! Sound familiar to anyone?
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Shabby Apple, maybe?
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Shabby Apple!
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Response by poster: YES! Thanks guys! Case closed :)
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One note on Shabby Apple: Caveat emptor. I bought a some dresses from them a few years ago and found that the fabric was oddly cheap-feeling and the construction was not great (loose threads, etc.) Their selection has grown exponentially since then, and things may have changed, but I was really disappointed that the dresses were great in theory but not in execution.
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Also note that some of their dresses are (much) longer than they appear in the photographs. They hem them to be less modest for their photoshoots! They do generally note on the product page when they've done this, but it's in the fine print.
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I know you've already got your answer, but another site that has things of the same ilk is Boden. They always seem to have a great selection of sleeved dresses, knee-length skirts, etc. that are modest without being dowdy. I haven't ordered from them myself, but have heard lots of good things. They've got garment measurements for all sizes on their website, so you should be able to get a good idea of fit.
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