Recs requested: Chicago therapists who will talk in session?
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TherapyFilter, Chicago. Can you help my friend find a therapist he can jive with?

Posting for a friend: HiveMind, can you recommend therapists in Chicago (preferably Hyde Park/Loop-ish, but anywhere in the city is fine) who might meet my friend's hopes for a new therapist?

I'm turned off by the "orthodox" approach of minimizing back and forth between therapist and patient. I appreciate perspective and explanation. Want a warmer exchange than with my previous therapist. Sliding scale would be great - a fee between $40-55 a session would work best for the time being.

He's gone through the Find a Therapist list from Psychology Today but is hoping to connect with someone like he describes above sooner rather than later. Memail or replies here, please - many thanks!
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Best answer: I went to about a month and a half of sessions with Kathryn Doheny a couple months back. I had never done the therapist thing before, so I don't know what's typical, but her style worked for me for what I needed.*

She took my insurance (BC/BS) and was a $20 copay for me. I don't know what she costs out-of-pocket.

A bunch of really stressful things kind of happened to/around me at the same time, and what I needed was to talk to somebody about it. She pretty much just let me talk, asked good questions, and gave a lot of correct-sounding reasons for why some people are the way that they are. Her particular style helped me cope with the bullshit, so it worked for me.
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Best answer: Cathedral Counseling are just north of the Loop, offer a sliding scale, and are staffed by a variety of highly experienced therapists. (The one I saw would have suited your friend, but she has since left the city.) Your friend will first speak to an intake person, who will recommend a good match.
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