Photoshop action sequence for saving same file in multiple predetermined locations
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Photoshop action sequence question: I want it to save each file several times, with different extensions and in different folders, but I only want it to prompt the user for the filename on the first save.

I and all my end users are using Photoshop CS5. I want the sequence to do the following, in this order:

1) "Save As..." with a dialogue for the user to input the filename, defaulting to a preset extension and a preset destination folder
2) "Save As..." with no dialogue, carrying over the filename from Step 1 and using preset extension and folder
3) "Save As..." no dialogue, carrying over the filename from Step 1 and using a different preset extension and folder
4) "Save As..." no dialogue, carrying over the filename from Step 1 and using a different preset extension and folder

With the sequence I have now, the "Save As..." dialogue in Step 1 defaults to the source folder rather than the destination folder I chose while recording the action. Steps 2-4 save the file to the correct destination folders, with the correct extensions, but with the filename I chose when the action was recorded, not the filename given in Step 1. How can I change this?

I will be distributing the sequence to end users, and I will have to make modifications to the destination drives and folders, so please keep that in mind as a factor for possible solutions.

Finally: some source files will be in camera raw formats (.cr2, .nef, etc). Is there a way to batch process these without having to go through the Camera Raw Plug-In dialogue on Open for every single image?

Thank you very much for any help!
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Best answer: i'm a photoshop ninja but i've always kept my actions pretty simple. I can't really map that whole thing out as a single action in my brain, especially one that is going to work for all users.

Are these all different file types? or just different file names and locations? Could be it is more of a job for an automated folder action, or using the image processor in bridge to batch save stuff as different file types and then doing batch renames.

i'll admit, i'm wary of automating big batches of images with really complex actions. I tend to run a series of actions separately instead.
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Best answer: I don't know the full extent of what can be done with action sequences, but if it proves impossible to do it with just that, it should be possible with a script.
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Best answer: I think scripting is the only way to get the complex save options you're looking for. The full CS5 Javascript reference can be found here.

As for suppressing Camera Raw, you can do that by creating a Droplet with your action and checking the "Suppress File Open Options Dialog" checkbox. You can do this with Batch Processing as well, but a droplet may be easier for your end users anyway.

Good luck!
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