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Last summer a U.S. law professor wrote a paper analyzing the legal issues raised by verse 2 of Jay-Z's 99 Problems (about a police traffic stop). If you were going to write a similar article about a Canadian song, what would you pick?

I am thinking about writing a Canadian version of the paper linked above, but I am drawing a blank on some good subject matter.

Can anyone recommend a Canadian song that is well known and involves a fairly descriptive take on a criminal or police situation? It doesn't have to be a traffic stop -- anything with enough meat for some legal analysis would be good.
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Well, the song isn't written by a Canadian, or even originally performed by a Canadian, but I rather like Paul Brandt's version of Convoy.

There's a line near the end Corb Lund's Truck Got Stuck about spilling GMO seeds, which is some kind of agricultural offense. You could also maybe talk about the potential liability to the various truck owners.
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Ohh...how about Bank Job by Barenaked Ladies!
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the Hip's Wheat Kings was easily the first thing to come to mind, but that song is specifically about a legal case, so maybe that's not what you want.
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Does it have to be crim law? Because you could probably write a good admiralty paper about The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Alternatively, talk about the reasonably serious provisions relating to terrorism and piracy in The Last Saskatchewan Pirate!

Oh man now I'm gonna be obsessing about this. Gonna ask my law school friends.
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Corb Lund's Bible on the Dash makes a pretty good counterpoint to 99 Problems, actually.
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Jason Collett - I want to rob a Bank.
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Informer by Snow.
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38 Years Old by The Tragically Hip is about a guy breaking out of prison and going to see his family.
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BNL - The Old Apartment
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There has to be a Stan Rogers one. Maybe Night Guard, about a rancher lying in wait for rustlers.
He hears the wire popping by the road;
Sees the blacked out Reo coming for another load.
This time, it's not one they take but two;
Two minutes and they're through, and laughing in the cab.

And here'll be the end of this tonight,
'Cause all the proof he needs is lying steady in his sights.
It may be just the worst thing he could do
But he squeezes off a few, then make his call to town.
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this might not be the sort of thing you are looking for, but interesting nonetheless; Sarah McLachlan had a song, possesion that was the subject of a lawsuit when a stalker of hers claimed that it was based on material he had written to her in love letters.
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