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What are the best record (vinyl) stores in Montreal these days?

Looks like I'll be visiting for a week over NY's, for the first time in a decade. Would like to spend some time crate digging. I like a wide variety of music, with favorites being experimental rock&jazz and hip hop. Cheap is preferable, however I don't want to go digging through endless bins of someone's unsold yardsale vinyl. In case you're familiar with Vancouver's shops, I'm looking for the equivalent of Audiopile or Zulu.
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I have been to Cheap Thrills in the past and they had a large amount of vinyls. It's a great music store.
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Also while looking for their website I found this top 10 from Nightlife...
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My vinyl-loving boyfriend recommends Primitive (FB is their official page, apparently) on St. Denis and Roy.
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