What does the kanji on this hoodie say?
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What does the Kanji on this hoodie say?

What does the Kanji on this hoodie mean?
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The two kanji on the shoulders together mean "Tokyo," and the two on the back in the large circle mean "Nihon" or "Japan." The kanji to the sides of the circle on the front are also "Nihon."
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The two on shoulders say "Tokyo" (individually they are "East" and "Capital")

The two on the back, and to the left and right of the prominent kanji in the middle say "Japan" (Individually "sun" and "origin". "Japan is literally written "sun's origin", thus "the land of the rising sun").

The one in the middle is pronounced "rei" (as implied by the product description) and means something like "gratitude" or "expression of thanks".
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I will confirm what the two people above me said.
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And the kanji on the sleeve, from top to bottom:
1. "Yuu" - courage, bravery
2. "Rei" - gratitude (mentioned above)
4. "Chyuu" - loyalty

(I'm not sure about 3 or 5)
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I agree pretty much with everything already said, although 礼 to me also indicates something like "respect".

I notice that there is writing on the sleeve that has not been addressed. It says 勇礼誉忠智, which is nonsense to me. Taken by themselves, the characters are essentially "brave", "respect/gratitude", "honor", "loyalty", and "wisdom/knowledge". They don't make sense all strung together like that.
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Maybe it's supposed to be a nod to some of the seven principles of Bushido?
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In karate and other Japanese martial arts, Rei is used essentially like a command to bow to the master so you can add "show respect" to its definition.
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PS: It is marketed a a T5 "Respect" hoodie.
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