album list of mp3s?
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How do I create a text file of the artists and albums I have on my PC?

I do not want a full track list, just the artists and albums.
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Windows, I assume?

Are they all in the same folder? With subfolders?
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dir /ad /s > list.txt (depending on how orginized you are).
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Response by poster: they are in a folder on the server called cds, then in folders by artists, then by cds
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Response by poster: I just want a little program that searches my music folder and creates a list of all my cds, oreder by artist, then cd title. I would think this is a pretty standard thing to do,eh?
posted by alball at 10:16 AM on August 21, 2005

Did you try mach5's suggestion?
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iTunes can export the relevant info about your collection into an Excel file using the "Export song list..." feature.
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Best answer: you could use winamp - get the album list plugin, load up your albums and then use the 'generate html list' function (under right-click). You'll get a list like this
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Response by poster: mach 5 suggestion did not work
posted by alball at 10:59 AM on August 21, 2005

The two music players I use - foobar and MusicMatch - both can do this (foobar with a plug-in called Album List - see but, of course, you need to have your music loaded up in these players.
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Oidua makes a list that looks like this. Sounds like what you are looking for.
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nice collection juniorbonner
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I use a piece of freeware called ">MPEG Audio Collection. It will scan your folders of music files and generate a text report of various formats. You can have it incorporate the folder names or just use the tags. It has a number of different ways to generate the reports.

Sample Output
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Grr, broken link. MPEG Audio Collection
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mediamonkey. Outstanding free version.
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