Untucked shirts for a short guy?
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I'm a short guy. I have a short torso. I want casual button down shirts (short and long-sleeve) that I can wear untucked, but most are too long for me and look bad. Where can I find some that fit better? Thanks!
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I'm a small guy.
I needed to get a good shirt for a wedding.
I went to Brooks Brothers and a very friendly, very dapper man found shirts that fit me.

They are definitely youth-sized.
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If it's only length that's the problem, and they fit fine in the shoulder, sleeve and chest, just get them hemmed. $10-$15 at most tailors.
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J. Crew casual button-downs (the long-sleeved, at least) are cut very short and deeply scalloped in the men's large size - I anticipate that this holds true for the smaller sizes as well because they are specifically designed not to be tucked in.
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If you're in NJ, make a trip out to NYC and go to Uniqlo. I am also a short dude and they make the only dress shirts that don't make me look like I'm wearing a dress if they're untucked.
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I'm not even short and I have this problem!!! The problem is that most shirts are cut to give the option of wearing tucked, which means they look too long when not-tucked.

I've had some luck with Apt. 9 shirts at Kohls.

God, I wish I could find more options though. I love dark, slim, dressy button-downs that can be worn untucked.
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Seconding uniqlo and adding Ben Sherman
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