How can I stop website from redirecting?
November 16, 2012 8:30 AM   Subscribe keeps redirecting me to a Dutch dating website on home computer. Halp!

Starting yesterday, attempting to reach redirects me to a Dutch dating site. I can connect on my phone and work computer, so I know it's my PC. All other sites I visit seem to be connecting just fine.

AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials and SpyBot all show that things are fine. I've run these programs (on a daily basis) for years and keep things up to date.

Cleared my cache and still have the same error.

Thoughts on how to address this? Thanks in advance.
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This is almost certainly a malware issue. Check deezil's profile for great advice on clearing that up.
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Best answer: Is the Ducth site Lexamore? if it is, for some reason Match thinks you're visiting the site from the Netherlands, it's a Dutch site they bought. I don't have a solution, but it might help others give you one and prevent you from going on an elaborate malware quest.
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Response by poster: It is Lexamore, which is weird because up until yesterday I could get to with no issue.

VPN settings have not changed either.

I'm trying the malware route and appreciate other suggestions too.
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Did you change time zone settings for any reason? Virus software like AVG checks to see if computer time has changed.
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Response by poster: The redirect was happening in Chrome so on a whim I tried it on Firefox and it connected to Match just fine.

I re-emptied my cache in Chrome and now I'm able to connect just fine. Must have been something in there that was causing it.

Thanks for the assistance!
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