Where can I find a watch like this?
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I'm looking for a replica of this antique watch (or something similar to it) that I can purchase online. My mother has an antique watch from her grandmother that is very small. It's less than the width of a finger and it has a "jewelry clasp" on the thin leather straps. Is there a name for this style of watch? Or, is there a similar style that you have happened across online? I'm not looking for this exact watch, per se, just something this small and of the style.
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I would call that a Ladies Tank Watch
posted by Mchelly at 3:16 PM on November 15, 2012

Hmm, maybe "ladies' bracelet watch"? (One example, from the museum's collection; plug it in as a search term on the site and you'll see others. You might drop them an email containing your question.)
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Response by poster: I have been searching all over for "bracelet watch" on various sites and that seems to show just regular watches or chunky solid gold or silver band type watches. From a cursory search, "Tank watch" is getting me closer to something that I'd like to buy.
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Closer? Or this? Maybe terms like vintage Elgin ladies' bracelet watch will be helpful.
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Btw, the term "ladies" is what indicates it will likely have a smaller head than a standard watch.
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Ladies cord watch seems to be getting me a lot of hits.
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Ack, out of stock. But might be worth an email to Hamilton. This came up under a search for ladies' cocktail watch.
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I have one too. My grandmother, who owned it, called it a bracelet watch.
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Art Deco ladies cord watch brings up a lot of similar hits.
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