Looking for a new "how'd I get here?"
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Is there a replacement for the "how'd I get here" Firefox add-on?

The "how'd I get here" button was like the back button, but worked across tabs. ie: it would take me to the page with the link I'd opened the tab from.

Unfortunately a few versions ago it stopped being supported. Apparently because of a change in the way Firefox passes information when opening new tabs.

Is there another, current, addon that will provide the same or similar functionality?
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In FF, if you right-click on the page and select "View Page Info," it tells you the referring URL. Would that work?
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paperback version, that's kind of lame - visiting the History of the browser almost does more than that, since you can follow those links (unlike the Page Info window).

Ought to be easy to write, but I'm no good at JS. Curious that someone else hasn't done this, though.

My wish list is just a bit more: I'd like a clickable link back to the originating page that contains the line of text that referred me here, as context. So, if I click on paperback version above, when that user profile page comes up, there's a floating tab atop that reads
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I'd find it helpful, and the data exists to make it work, but again: JavaScript is not my thing.
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I use Tab History Redux. It works OK, but as the reviews note it's recently started acting a bit oddly at times.
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Thank you, Lexica!
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That looks a likely suspect; thanks Lexica.
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