Ergo, I need help.
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Looking for an ergonomics person who will come to my office and ergonomicize my deskal region. Harrisburg, PA area.

i'd be paying for this myself most likely. im the only one that has issues and we're really small (5 employees). (i haven't asked, but i will once i get some pricing. i don't mind paying myself.)

we just got fancy new chairs that are pretty darn good and have all the right adjustment features. i have a keyboard tray that i can adjust up and down. but i still have all sorts of pain.

i've tried so many different keyboards and mice and i can't seem to get the right combo. i think i need professional advice, but i'm concerned it will cost $1000s of dollars.

i'm following all the advice of feet flat on floor, arms at 90 degrees etc, switching mouse between left and right hand, doing stretches throughout the day (workrave).

my right trapezius (or whatever that is between your shoulder and neck) is constantly all a knot. i have to use a mouse or trackpad for my job, cannot use all kb shortcuts, i use what i can for chrome and word and windows, but the majority of my computer time involves mousing. my wrists have been hurting so badly lately that i've had to start using an ice pack. that's when i knew i needed i need professional help.

harrisburg pa area. i'd be willing to pay $100 maybe up to $200 for an hour of advice and resetting of monitor/kb tray/chair etc.
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High Safety Consulting Services, out of Lancaster
Penn Medicine's Office of Occupational Medicine (Philadelphia, but might have local referrals)
Call your company's health insurance plan as well, maybe an in-office evaluation is possible.
Perhaps you should be working with a physical therapist/massage therapist?
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