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Please recommend some up-to-the-minute and engaging thinking, videos, reading, or anything else about sales and marketing that, if digested in full or in part, won't result in more work for product development. (Bonus round: Results in reward for them, too!)

I work for a small b2b content-based service. Our sales team all have ownership stakes and love shiny things. They love to get together with the content team (who do not have ownership) and tell us how we need to reinvent ourselves according to XYZ by Soandso.

The end result is always more work for content development. It is always piled on top of the work we got the last time we had a meeting. And sometimes it goes absolutely nowhere, with nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, the time we spend on content maintenance has dwindled down to just about nothing, and this is definitely the sort of industry where clients will just quietly go elsewhere if they're not happy.

I'm quite aware of the DTMFA option -- especially because none of what they read or watch on YouTube apparently suggests we should get extra compensation or raises from time to time. But other legitimate factors make me want to exhaust all possibilities first. And I could definitely send them a "hey I thought this was interesting" email and maybe have the results stick for a few days...giving us time to slightly reduce the work pile.

Thanks for any suggestions you have.
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I am Director of Sales and Marketing for a b2b focused content based service. I'm assuming that you and I do not work for the same company :)

What you are asking for doesn't exist. Your sales team isn't very good at their job, so they compensate by having meetings and demanding better stuff to sell. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you can give them that they won't turn around into more work for the content team

Find a new job. It is really your only option.
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