Can I come to the USA on a tourist visa?
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Would I be able to come visit the USA in the future?

I'm a Japanese citizen. I've lived in the USA since March 2011 on a CR1 visa as a conditional permanent resident. The residency expires in March 2013.

I'm planning on returning to Japan to live there in January 2013.

Would there be any problem getting a tourist visa for visiting the US in the future? I don't know when but I might want to come visit some friends or places for a short time.

Thank you for your answers in advance.
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Japanese citizens traveling to the US for less than 90 days generally do not need a tourist visa under the Visa Waiver program. As long as you don't violate your current visa and plan on staying less than 90 days (and a couple other minor rules, see the website here), you should be able to visit the US in the future without a problem.
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As long as you do not overstay your visa, no. Keep in mind that Japan is a visa waiver country so you do not need a visa if you're staying for less than 90 days.
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You will be fine. I am in a very similar situation, and since I returned to my country of origin a few years ago I have been able to enter the US via the visa-waiver program without any problems. Once, the border officer noted my situation; I told him it didn't work out as I had planned, he nodded, and that was it.
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You don't need a tourist visa, but you will need an ESTA. My wife and kids (I'm from Canada) recently traveled to the US on their Japanese passports, and needed the ESTA. Everyone does, except for US nationals and Canadians.
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