Dashboard cam suggestions?
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What type of dashboard camera should I buy for my automobile?

I've become obsessed with those dash cam videos on YouTube. Out of sheer geekery and insurance purposes (I live/work in a busy, everyone-drives-cars-because-nobody-walks area and way too many close calls are happening) I want to add one to my SUV.

Looking for insights and suggestions as to which type of cam might be the best option for me.

I'm not looking for the best, but I'm also not looking for the worst.
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I would think that one of the GoPro cameras would suit your needs!
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There are two previously existing similar questions with answers that may be helpful to you:

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I would think that one of the GoPro cameras would suit your needs!

I don't know a lot about GoPros, but my understanding is that they (1) don't turn on automatically when you start the car (2) don't do 'loop recording' - automatically overwriting the oldest segment on the memory card. Both of these are very important features for dashcams.

Bamassippi, as I said in one of the previous questions, Techmoan has done quite a few video reviews of dashcams / car DVRs. He's in a different location from you, so he won't necessarily steer you towards a specific model you can buy, but his reviews are very thorough and will give you a good awareness of what's on the market, what features to look for, what type of model would suit your needs etc. Also, some of the models he reviews are bought direct from China, so you'd be able to get one of those.
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