Best Open Mic In Or Around Atlanta?
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(For a friend) Where are the best open mics in Atlanta or close?

(From friend-) I am a semi-known musician who has a major tour planned but who just wants to play some open mics or a little while for fun and to up merch sales while in musical hibernation and recording mode. I am looking for:

- free recording of performance (lots of places offer this around here)
- at least 30 minute time slot
- not dead (at least semi-full usually)
- cool vibe, cool people
- good sound system

I am planning on being plugged in but not distorted with my guitar and using my own vocals and that's about it. Please hit me with your best shots. Thank you. Fire away!
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Eddie's Attic in Decatur has regular open mic nights on Mondays that I believe are fairly popular.
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Response by poster: I am aware of that and am participating in the shoot out. Looking for something non-competitive right now. Thanks though, great venue.
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Was coming in to say Eddie's Attic as well. Pretty famous and launched several Atlanta musicians. The original Eddie has opened a new venue somewhere north of the city, Red Clay Performance or something. It has red clay in the title but I can't remember the exact name.
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Look through the Atlanta Creative Loafing online. They usually list the venues and what's going on during the week.
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Response by poster: I have found that Creative Loafing is not trustworthy for Open Mic quality. They list empty open mics everywhere they exist - at pizza joints, for example. I was looking for something someone could maybe personally vouch for or maybe someone heard their friend really liked it or something. There's nowhere for people to write reviews or anything on that site. I could find tons of Open Mics in there, just not good ones. Just a clarification.
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Response by poster: They have actually added a reviews section since I last checked. this could work, I'm going to check these out.
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