sand art video
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Help me find this short art video online!

My partner saw this art video that she later tried to show me using the same link but for some reason it won't work and I really want to see it. It was found at but when the file loads winamp shows that it's 0 sec. long and there's no image.

This video is of a man standing in front of a huge audience with nothing but an overhead projector and a bucket of sand. He spreads the sand on the projector to make various images (animals, trees, etc) with orchestral accompaniment. (by the way, it's apparently amazing if you're interested)
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posted by iconomy at 6:53 PM on August 20, 2005

Google sandsicaf.wmv. Here's one:
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Oops sorry my link leads to a 404. This one works.
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and this.
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Response by poster: Awesome. I knew I could count on mefites!
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