What storage devices does the Xbox360 support?
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Xbox 360 4G storage upgrade options?

I'd like to upgrade my kids' Xbox 360 4G (the slim model) to give it some storage. I know Microsoft will gladly sell me a 320 gig drive for $120-130, but that seems excessive. I also know that I can get 3rd party firmware flashed expansion drives for $40-50 or so, but my wife is uncomfortable with the support possibilities with those. What are the other options? We have a few 32gig thumb drives that we could hand down for almost no cost - can you use those as normal Xbox storage devices, or are they limited to data transfers only?

(I think the concern about the flashed drives is that MS might eventually break compatibility with them, which I think is fairly unlikely, it's still a possibility.)
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I have a few USB thumb drives that I use to supplement the storage on my ~5 year old 20G 360. I think I've used Lexar and SanDisk drives, but only up to 16G; my understanding is that 16G is the biggest drive that particular model can recognize. The only problem I've had with using USB drives for storage is that occasionally the 360 doesn't "see" them and I have to reseat them. Otherwise I've had great luck using them to store save games, DLC, and even an entire game.
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Microsoft just increased the flash drive storage limit to 32GB.

Xbox 360-formatted USB drives can be used to store just about anything except music and original Xbox (non-360) games.
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Can you stack two 32 gb flash drives on a single console? Apologies for the slight derail, but it seems to relate.
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I don't know if these work on the slim models, but I got a refurbed 120GB from MicroCenter and it worked a treat. You will need the official transfer kit - they sell those too, for a reasonable amount. This may be a good avenue to pursue.
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