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Can you recommend a reputable online store from which I can purchase a quality north African tagine? (For cooking in, not serving) Must ship to Australia at a rate that's not a multiple of the cost of the tagine itself.

I'm looking for specific recommendations from people who have purchased similar things or at least used the company before. This is not an area of goods I shop in, well, ever, really. Bonus points for places that understand what they are selling and can advise on how to treat the tagine and so on.

I can find some hits with the aid of Google, but either the companies offer mainly mass produced modern interpretations of tagines or have next to no stock or very dated half-arsed internet presence. I may end up using one of them but I'll see what other people think first.

I'm not able to drop in anywhere as I'm in remote WA until christmas, and this is a christmas present.
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Does this sort of thing work for you?

(not affiliated, but we've bought a few things through them before)
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Oxfam Online.

Ethically sourced, great rep, fabbo stuff.
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We got ours from Mefi's Own NinaZero. I'm sure she would be happy to answer any questions, and better than I. She's in Sydney, and I recall the postage was quite reasonable.

The tagine does all the things you want a tagine to do (so, I give it to C and wait...)
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I'm actually in the process of closing down my business and have only bits and pieces left - mostly the smaller tajines.

I see by your profile that you're in Melbourne, so you might like to try Kasbah Moroccan Imports - I haven't bought from them but I've seen their product at a trade show recently and it's very similar to the stuff I keep (or kept, I guess).

If you have problems finding what you want or want some pointers with use or cooking, please feel free to drop me a me-mail.
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