I have a bunch of undeletable podcasts on my iphone 4s that I would like to get rid off but can't.
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I have a bunch of undeletable podcasts on my iphone 4s that I would like to get rid off but can't. this is what it looks like: http://imgur.com/oiNKY this happened because the downloads failed (blame the craptastic chinese mobile connections). I cannot redownload these episodes, I cannot play them, I cannot swipe-to-delete them, I cannot see them in itunes. a restore was no help because my last backup already had these "ghost files" on them. I don't want to wipe the iphone because maps in ios6 is even worse in china. do you know how I can still get rid of these unusable files?
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I am guessing you are still on ios 5.1.#? You might want to jailbreak your device, which will allow you access to the filesystem. Jailbreaking would also allow you to install your current version of ios, rather than being forced onto ios 6.

Here's everything you need to jailbreak

It might be possible to clean the files without a jailbreak, using software such as iExplorer or iSpirit, but the chances are slim.

Another option would be to stop using iTunes to organise podcasts, and ignore the files. I recently moved to a program called Downcast, and it is far superior to Apple's built in option.

If you need any tips once/if you have jailbroken your phone, don't hesitate to PM me. Good luck
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Okay. I don't know what the Podcasts app is like on the iPhone, so I'm speaking from iPad experience, hopefully that helps. Go back to the 'podcasts' page with the back button from the screen you linked to. Is there an 'edit' button somewhere in one corner, like in this random Google Image result? Try pulling down as if refreshing to get it.

If you can get the edit button, tap it. Small 'x's should appear on the cover images of the podcasts. Tap to delete.

Gah, this happens to me often and it is terribly annoying. I hope your problem gets solved.
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yes, I am still on 5.1.1.
jailbreaking sounds like an option. I was afraid of it until now. the phone is unlocked but this being inside china and me not being able to read the text messages I get from my provider as is, I was afraid to touch a running system.

the podcasts app sadly blows. it doesn't tell you about new episodes even when you refresh it. sadly that's an issue I had with downcast, too. I tried some others from the app store but no luck until now. podcasts in itunes don't have an edit button, that's playlists.

I will try iexplorer or ispirit tonight.
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If you go to Settings > General > Usage, you get a list of all your apps that have data stored. (On mine, it takes a moment to load the full list.) If you go down and tap on Podcasts, you should get a screen that lists the various podcast files on the phone and if you tap Edit at the top, you should be able to delete specific ones.

Unless, of course, the broken files don't show there. But maybe worth a quick try before more nuclear options.
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I like Downcast much more than the Apple Podcasts app. I can't say for sure if it will help with your problem, though.
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holy smokes, that quick try agentmitten mentioned did the trick. thank you!
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