Brunch on Smith St?
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Hi everyone, I have been tasked with finding a suitable location for brunch on Smith St. in Brooklyn for a sizeable group of people...let's say 10-12. Would love recommendations that are reasonably priced and tasty! Thanks to any Brooklynites who are able to help.
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Bar Tabac - French themed. You could get a table for that many if you show up at 11 AM (early)
Also New St Clair at the corner of Atlantic/Smith - but that is very classic diner, not hip at all.
Robin des Bois.
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Smith Street goes from Downtown BK all the way to Red Hook. Is there a specific portion of Smith Street you are limited to? The Cobble Hill area will probably have the best options. There are also a number of options on Court Street (a block over, parallel to Smith) Buttermilk Channel is a little further down in Carroll Gardens on Court Street, but it is fantastic and I believe takes reservations for parties larger than 5.
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Ceol. Ask for Alex, tell 'em Petro the Masshole sent ya.

Robin des Bois is gone, alas.
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Haven't made it there yet, but I hear great things about Buttermilk Channel.
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Clover Club has a wonderful backroom. Buttermilk Channel is delicious. But I wouldn't consider either of them reasonable if that's how you're phrasing "inexpensive." But not unreasonable, either.
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I just want to say that people might think you are jerks if you go to Buttermilk Channel with 12 people the weekend before Thanksgiving...even if you have reservations. Just saying.
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People are going to think you're jerks if you go anywhere with 10-12 people for brunch in Brooklyn. Who cares?
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2nd vote for Bar Tabac.
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Char. No 4 has a great brunch, you might be able to get their back room for a party of 12, but they don't have a table that's big enough to sit that many people at once.

Cafe Luluc also has a decent brunch. Small tables, but they could push a bunch together.

61 Local is a bar, but they have small plates that could be good for a light brunch.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone who chimed in! It is great that we have several good options. I'll revisit the thread to let you know how it turns out.
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Response by poster: We went to Buttermilk Channel! We were a group of five, and we came a few minutes after opening and were seated right away. The food was delicious. The server was professional but a little overhasty with our table. I was a little disappointed because I ordered a cheddar waffle and only got...half a waffle. I mean, it was cut in half (quarters?) and plated all fancy, but for $5 I should get a full waffle, amirite? Regarding my poached eggs and salad and hashbrown, I have no complaints. They were all perfect.

They were playing old songs (Let's Stay Together, Respect, My Girl) and my four young, handsome gay male companions and I were singing along. There was even some harmonizing going on. We were by far the most exciting table in the whole place.

It was a good experience. Thanks, Metafilter!
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