What would it be like to get therapy from a Blue Devil? What is a Blue Devil?
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TherapyFilter: For a friend--I am looking for a lovely therapist in the Durham, North Carolina area (and reasonably nearby regions as well). The therapist would preferably be more interpersonal or psychodynamically/psychoanalytically oriented versus cognitive-behavioral or purely supportive, be queer-friendly, and also have some experience treating anxiety disorders. Feel free to MeMail or e-mail me if you do not want to post publicly. Thanks, MetaFilter!
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Sarah Moore is in Mebane, but she is awesome and worth driving to Mebane for if it is logistically possible. Although she knows how to do CBT, she is very aware that it is not for everybody and has lots of other approaches. Feel free to MeMail me if you want.
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I don't know what traffic is like around there now, but these two are not a bad drive from RTP.



Neither of them will care if you are a blue hermaphrodite. Politically left. They were both incredibly helpful 12 years ago. I saw Eilers for individual and Stein for marital. They are warm, funny and capable people.

Tell them "Terror Couple" sent you.
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