Identify This Pike Place Painting Print?
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Help me identify this painting hanging at Pike Brewing Company in Seattle.

Here is an iPhone-snapped picture of it.

It (or a print of it) is hanging at The Pike Brewing Company in Seattle.

I feel like it is not some cheap dime store painting, but I'm no expert.

Thanks Mefi!
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Looks like digital (Adobe Illustrator) print, but I can't ID it for you. Just send a message to Pike and ask who the artist is.
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I wonder if it's an original? From the history section of their site:
Finkel, who majored in design in collegeā€¦

The labels were created by Charles [Finkel], inspired by views of the entrance to the art deco market. The original logo was cut out of a stencil. He later switched to a computer to do the designs, but always retained the stenciled look.
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Also, the bottle at the top next to the Space Needle has Pike Place written on it. That said, it doesn't seem to be his style. Here is his design site.
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