What Was That Book?
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Help me remember this relatively recent story (movie? book?) a friend recommended to me. Vague details ahead!

Sometime within the past 8 years a friend told me about a book/movie he thought I'd like, but I can't recall the title. It was about 2 friends, a boy and a girl, who grew up together and had some sort of ongoing game to see who could best the other one in... brainpower? Pranks? General skill? I don't know. I get the impression that one of these games might have gone wrong at some point, and I also get the impression that the two of them ended up lovers.

Does anyone have any idea what I might be talking about? I recall my friend making the recommendation around the same time the film Let the Right One In was released, but it's obviously not that and I don't even know if the recommendation was related to the movie (maybe it's also horror/suspense/creepy, or foreign?) or it was just something else not really related that he also enjoyed. I'm pretty sure it was a current book/movie, or at least not too old at the time it was recommended.

I don't actually remember who made the recommendation, either, so that avenue was no help.
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Was it Love Me If You Dare?
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That's exactly it! Thank you!
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