comics for young children?
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I'm looking for comic books that are age-appropriate for a 9-year-old boy...

I was thinking of taking my 9-year-old son to a local comic book store, as they occaisionally have comics for $.25-$.50. The problem is that I did not grow up reading comics, so I have no idea of what titles would be appropriate for someone his age. While I'm sure that the people at the comic book store would be knowledgeable and happy to help, they have a vested interest in having me buy stuff.

What are some titles that might be OK for a 9-year-old boy?

For extra credit, can you tell me if you know of titles that are appropriate for a 6-year-old girl?

Thank you for your help!

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Marvel Adventures (special imprint just for younger kids - my son loved them)
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Most comic shops actually have an whole rack of titles that are appropriate for children. There will be age-appropriate versions of superheroes like Batman and Iron Man (look for the word Adventures) and versions of all the shows they watch on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Personal recommendation: "Bone".
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Bone is awesome for any age. Owly is very gentle and charming. And Amelia Rules is a lot of fun.
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How about some of the old Scrooge McDucks by Carl Barks? I got a few for free from a local place and they're both enjoyable and (from what I've seen so far at least) appropriate for younger kids.
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(and nthing Bone as a good read at any age)
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Marvel Adventures (special imprint just for younger kids - my son loved them)

DC had a similar line, although you may want to pre-screen them as, AFAIRecall, they were a bit more "adult."
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All I can think of is Axe Cop.
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Asterix and Obelix?

They are mostly in French, but there's an English language series, as well.
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Have you seen this previously, seeking suggested comics/graphic novels for a 7-y.-o. girl?
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Bone is amazing, and I came in specifically to recommend the Marvel Adventures line, which is great for kids and just plain fun.
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Brave and the Bold had a comic run coinciding with the animated show. Batman teams up with other DC heroes to fight for justice!
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If you're not up on comics, be careful that you pick up the bright, cartoony Brave and the Bold -- which I heartily recommend as well -- and not the regular one.
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For your daughter, Zita the Spacegirl!
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I've heard good things about the Adventure Time comics.
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Asterix and Tintin are both great comics for kids, but not that likely to appear in the bargain bins -- not only are they classics, but I think that they were always published as longer books rather than monthly issues.

I would also second the recommendation for Bone as a great all-ages comic, but again, I would be surprised if it ever appeared in a bargain bin.

Does your local library system carry comics and graphics novels? Mine has a very large collection these days, including a lot of manga and comics for kids -- and the children's librarian will likely have suggestions.
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Well for the 6 year old girl I would look at the Wizard of Oz comics.

My kids (2 eight year old boys) have enjoyed the little books, not made of comic book paper and very colorful. There's a great Star Wars series.

For comics there is a "super dinosaur".

Graphic novels - Beasts of Burden? I THINK it is age appropriate.

Just make sure it's rated "E".

I vote bring a dozen different ones home and see what he likes. My kids like some, and not others.
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Avengers Assemble. Only if you allowed him to watch the recent Avengers movie. :-)

Toned down enough to be suitable for audiences. Reasonable priced, and currently being re-issued so you can give the feel of getting a new comic book once per month.

Works for me and my boys, 12, 10 and 8 years old.
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I got into Uncle Scrooge/Donald Duck reprint issues at around 9 and absolutely loved them. This was stuff from the '50s and '60s, though, so steer clear of any generic new material. I'm not sure if they still do reprints, but there are book collections out there also. Carl Barks is definitely the name to look for.

On the other end of the scale, maybe look for used Archie digests. They're light, brainless fun, if dated. Sometimes I'll still look for pre-'90s issues (with as much Samm Schwartz work as possible). The 6-year-old would like them too.
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My guys didn't care much for Bone; but the youngest one, who is eleven now, has liked the Dragonbreath series for a couple of years now. He also really enjoyed Giants Beware.

I haven't read them, but I have read some enthusiastic reviews of the Zita comics, and Hildafolk.
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I got Mouseguard for my nephew when he was that age.
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My 7-year-old son is crazy about Tiny Titans -- all jokes, no fighting.
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Apparently I bought a copy of Hildafolk some time recently, because it arrived yesterday. It's really good! I recommend it for your 6 yr old! The book is quite short though, which is my only complaint.
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