Is it too late to order a Volvo C30 for North America?
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A very specific question, if you work for a Volvo dealership: is it too late to order a C30 from the factory, for North American (specifically, US) delivery?

The Volvo C30 is being discontinued, and after eight years I still want one, so it is now or never. According to the website, overseas delivery is still available, but I don't have the time to travel.

One dealer so far said I "just" missed the order date, but I have every reason to believe he'd rather I just bought the one sorta-close-but-sorta-not car he had on the lot. So tomorrow I'll be calling various dealers, but if I got a definitive answer here, I think I might trust it more.

Secondary question: can I order from the overseas delivery options list if I have it delivered here? There are limited packages available from the dealers, but the overseas delivery program offers extra exterior/interior colors, and (most crucially) the ability to cherry-pick a few small options I want without having to take some big ones that I don't.

Thanks in advance for concrete answers.
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Best answer: Apparently the order deadline was Oct 24.
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I bought a 2012 C30 this summer. The dealer mentioned that if I had wanted to do the overseas delivery program for 2013's I'd have to get my order in that summer. This wasn't about the end of production of the car itself but just in general about when that program operates and it's unique timelines.

It sounds like you're set on a C30 and I absolutely adore mine, as a random data point. It's a T5 fully loaded with everything except Polestar and the fog lights. Who knew that seat warmers would be the best thing ever!?
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