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Where can I play board games in Montreal?

This should be an easy one.

Last week I read an article about a board games cafe recently opened in Montreal. It's a bit like Snakes & Lattes in Toronto. You pay a small cover price for the right to spend the night plucking from the roster of games, of which there are 1,000+.

Of course I failed to write down the name of the place and now my Google-fu is coming up totally empty.

Here's what I know:

- The article was in the Metro newspaper (24h, I think it's called), published maybe last Friday.

- I think the cafe is on Saint Catherine, though not sure about this.

- There's a $5 cover charge for access to the games.

I'd also be game (no pun intended) for any other places people gather to play board games in town. I've always been curious and would love play more, maybe even get into the scene a bit.

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Best answer: Pub Randolph?
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(there's a discussion about it on Board Game Geek that mentions the $5 cover charge)
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Le Valet de Coeur Jeux is a fantastic game store in Montreal. I would expect that they have a posting board or some other ways to connect with other gamers. If you are at all curious it is worth stopping in.
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There is/was a weekly board game meetup at La Récréation. A friend of mine went once and liked it, mentioned it's a mostly francophone crowd. I think Concordia had a weekly meetup too, but I don't think it exists anymore.
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Best answer: The Coop sur Généreux has board games on Tuesday nights. That's on Papineau in the Plateau.

A space called La Récréation on Ontario at Saint-Denis has games Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. They have a $5 charge, so maybe these are the folks you heard about.

I've not been to either but have seen both mentioned favourably.
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Response by poster: Perfect, thanks all!
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If anyone's looking here and not on IRL, I'm hosting a holiday boardgame meetup in the city. This is likely to be followed by a January boardgame meetup, because a number of people are out of town.
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