Help me find this book of cartoon illustrations of big constructions from my childhood.
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When I was a kid, I had this book I remember I loved very much. It was a large hardbound book with colorful illustrations of construction projects. I remember there were ones about building a large dam, building a Saturn V-style rocket, and one about building a skyscraper. There were probably others which I don't remember. The pictures were colorful and cartoonish but had lots of details. Anyone know what book this is?
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The Way Things Work?

It might help if you told us what decade or approximate year.
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Is it "The Way Things Work"?
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I had this book in the mid–late 1980s.
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Or "Incredible Cross-Sections"?
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If not something David Macaulay-related (which seems by far the most likely answer), perhaps something from the Diagram Group?
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Thanks guys, I think it must be "The Way Things Work." I've ordered a copy and will report back if it's right.
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If it turns out to be Macaulay, you may be interested in the FPP I did about him a while back. It includes links to "Building Big" (possible source of your skyscraper memory) and a few of his other well-known works.
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I am going to guess one of the Stephen Biesty books.

Here is his Saturn V
From his Incredible Everything book
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Also, if you don't remember any mammoths it probably wasn't the way things work.
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