Standard web fonts with the best unicode support?
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Which standard web/mobile fonts have the best support for unusual Unicode characters?

I'm thinking specifically of "combining" diacritical marks like the "double macron below" (hex 035F) which shows up fine in my gmail on a standard web browser but it's a missing character box in gmail on my android phone.

If I'm crazy to even think about using characters like that in a web/mobile app, feel free to tell me that too.
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I remember when I was working with Unicode, that Arial Unicode MS had excellent coverage of many uncommon characters, and it's available on iPhone. Reading the Wikipedia page, there seems to be a bug with some diacritic marks.

Here's a list of open-source Unicode fonts.
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Courier has very good support. I used to operate a reddit novelty account that used weird Unicode characters all the time, and I was able to basically pick anything from charmap (for facial expression) and it would render just fine on nearly any browser.
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