Seeking a Phone with Quality Voice Command Software
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Seeking a Phone with Quality Voice Command Software

I'm legally blind, and I'm looking into getting a phone to make communication easier for me. What would be ideal is a phone that could read texts when they come in, and would let me dictate texts. Basically I need a phone that would let me do most everything via voice command. What would be even more amazing is a phone that could let me play music via voice command.
It's difficult for me to do research, so, for all I know, this isn't even a thing. I feel like it probably is, though.
I don't necessarily need a phone designed specifically for the blind. If you've just had good experiences with a phone with these capabilities, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
Also, the less expensive the phone, the better.
And currently I have Verizon, but I'd consider switching carriers if need be.
Thank you.
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Austin Seraphin's review of the iPhone is a couple of years old, but IIRC, it's a really encouraging read.

Here is an article about iPhone use among the blind from The Atlantic.

Lastly, this is Apple's page about iPhone use for visually impaired users.

The iPhone 5 is not the cheapest phone on the market, but the previous generation, the iPhone 4S, is not restricted in any accessibility features and should be significantly cheaper.
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I have a Samsung Galaxy II and the voice command does everything you have requested and more. Since there are much newer phones around now, I think you'll find every feature you are after without too much trouble.

Here is a link to the google eyes-free group and a page on Android Access

I don't know much about apple products and it seems like a big task to compare all the different android products around. Here are some comparative reviews from Media Access Australia
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I recently bought my sister the Samsung Galaxy S III. I am a fan of apple products, but she is really awkward with technology and that phone has an easy and really great voice command. She texts and writes e-mails with it and it is so accurate that no one has any idea that it is a voice command software and wonders how she can respond so quickly.

I also have a friend with MS and has used voice command with his mac. The problem with the computer is that it picks up on ambient sounds and translates that into a command and it made his operating the computer more difficult. He stopped using it because it proved to be a great deal more frustrating.
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