How do I make windows view audio CDs as .WAV files?
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How do I make windows view audio CDs as .WAV files?

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A bit more than ten years ago, probably around the windows 95 era, maybe a bit after, a friend of mine installed this EXTREMELY handy functionality on my windows. Google has been useless at even showing the prior existence of such a thing. When you put an audio CD into the drive, windows would see a drive with directories named something like 44.1k 16-bit stereo, 22k 16-bit stereo, 44.1 8-bit stereo, etc. In each directory the audio from the CD appeared as .WAV files, 1 per track of the CD. You could rip audio from the CD just by copying those files to your hard drive. You could use DJ software to play directly from the CD drive. It was so incredibly handy, why doesn't this functionality seem to exist any more? Is it just that my google-fu is too weak? Or is there a conspiracy?
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If I remember correctly this was a modified cdfs.vxd driver.
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