What's a flattering androgynous haircut style?
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Do you have any suggestions for a fun, short haircut for straight hair that will look good on both a guy and a girl?

This is us! We'd like to have matching (or just similar) haircuts, and we'd like them to complement our faces. What types of haircuts would look good on these mugs? Alternatively, where can I look for haircut inspiration?
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Y'all can have my haircut! I brought in pictures of Morena Baccarin (the linked and one with a super-big adorable grin I can't find right now) and said, "I know my hair's way straighter than hers and I don't want to commit to a complicated daily regimen, so please do something like this that you think will look good!" This is now easily the best haircut I've had in years, nicely androgynous yet a bit sassy and very low-maintenance beyond regular trims.

I think this is a tremendous idea.
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Bright blue liberty spikes would be cute. Yeah?
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The androgynous cut known variously as a French crop or sometimes a layered crop has been a fixture for men and women in the various mod scenes since the '60s. See here (they're all wearing a version of it, but Steve Marriott's on the left is the Platonic Ideal) and here (on the left) for some classic original examples. Contemporary versions tend to be a little more textured/spikier.
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Keep the bangs, just go shorter! It will bring out your facial features beautifully. See this examples here.
Have fun!
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fun, short haircut for straight hair that will look good on both a guy and a girl?

I immediately thought of Switch.
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As much as I love crop/spiketops, and I really love them tyvm tmotat, your faces are kind of round and you'll be better suited by something with a bit more length and framing so allow me to second the French Crop with a bit of texture and bon vivant spikiness. Not quite anime character level, but sassy still.
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Here's a couple with matching haircuts!
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