The world needs more sweaters like this
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Looking for an equivalent to the discontinued Gap shaker sweater...

I have owned a few of these sweaters, loved them, and need to replace them. What I liked about them:
  • Heavy (enough to keep me warm during very cold winters)...
  • ...but not "fuzzy"
  • Cotton... easier on skin than wool (I despise "scratchy" wool sweaters)
  • Easy to care for, simple wash and tumble dry low
  • Cuffs and waistline were not elastic or stretchy in any way (no 3 inch bands around the wrists or waist)
  • Variety of solid colors
  • Crew neck (I can do mock neck, but not so much v neck, shawl, or cardigan)
  • Inexpensive
  • Heavy
  • Heavy
  • Did I mention... heavy?
It crushes me that these are not available anymore as they are easily my favorite sweaters. Any idea on where to find a replacement that is somewhat close?
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I also loved those sweaters, which I borrowed from an ex-boyfriend all the time. These LLBean ones are definitely not the same, but fit your criteria for the most part, other than the waistband, which is not elastic but definitely has a band, unlike the shaker sweater.
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What's your budget? If you're willing to spend a bit more for a good wool sweater, I ensure you it won't be scratchy at all, and it'll last you for years.

Check out Our Legacy

If the knitwear section is too expensive (it would be for me), check out the jersey section, there's some pretty swell heavy cotton sweaters, none with a v-neck, all exceptionally crafted.
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What about this one from Timberland? Can't tell how heavy it is but it looks all right.
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I swear that they had a sweater very similar to this at Land’s End earlier this fall, but now I can’t find it on their website. Maybe they are sold out? Land’s End tends to bring back very similar styles, so there is a good chance they will have it again.
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I've been looking for the same thing for my partner! I found these at Macy's, but they are sold out in most sizes (and they are ribbed). If you have any luck, please share!
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