Are there any magazines for anglophiles and francophiles? Google not helpful.
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Are there any magazines for anglophiles and francophiles? Google not helpful.

I'd like to find magazines (and maybe blogs) that detail life in Britiain and in France. More like everyday slice-of-life profiles, and emphasis on local culture, architecture, food and fashion... more of a feminine than masculine tone.
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In regards to blogs, I suggest digging through the Bloggies (don't forget the earlier years). They have a special section for European blogs, which might be good starting point.
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Silly question, but have you tried a Barnes & Noble in a major city? Ours carries a couple of magazines that are not US publications aimed at anglophiles, but are simply British magazines. Not gossip rags or fashion magazines or royalty-stalking magazines (though they had a couple of those too), but I don't know, Country Life or something.
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Came here to say Country Living. Ignore the property section.
There's also Central Brittany Journal, which is aimed at English-speaking expatriates in France specifically Brittany. Here is a sample (warning PDF).
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As a Francophile living in the US I believe you want France Amérique.
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You can get the UK and French editions of Vogue on the iPad if you have one.
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I like Unmitigated England.
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Surprisingly, it sounds like you are looking for a magazine called Metropolitan, The Eurostar complimentary magazine.
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I wouldn't say Country Life is very representative of the lives of most Britons. Smoke would be perfect, but it's ceased publication now.

I like Oh Comely a lot, it's quite twee, but it has articles about people who build coracles or decide to walk around Britain or articles about reading in cafes. I keep meaning to look up a digital subscription, it's one of the few young women's magazines that doesn't make me feel like chewing off my fingers (along with Bust and the Vagenda blog).

I do find I quite like reading magazines aimed at older women like Essentials and Prima as well, the US equivalents are probably Real Simple or Oprah. is a similar blog - it's pretty consumerist and lifestyle-y for my tastes, there are a lot of posts dedicated to enthusing over £36 coffee mugs, but there's a lot of stuff about food, drink and fashion on there, and they sometimes feature blogs they like which could be a good starting point.

UK Vogue might cover more of what you want - again, it is pretty upper-middle class, but there's some really interesting articles sometimes. In a similar vein is the ES magazine which you can get on the iPad - it's the colour supplement that comes with the London Evening Standard, and it's massively provincial and insular at times, but it's got the occasional good article or profile in there.
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