Do cats burp?
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Do cats burp?

Asking for a three-year-old.
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I've never seen one burp (of course, I've never had a cat, either!). However, a burp is caused when air that's been swallowed works its way out of the stomach and back up. So I would say that, yes, cats (and other animals) can and do burp.
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They smell like cat food.
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Yes, and they fart, too.
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Yep. Mine likes to make sure he is standing next to me when he does it.
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My cat burps every night after her evening meal. She makes sure to look at me when she does it.
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Belch and fart. And how.
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mine does, too -- though i'm always afraid it's just the prelude to a hairball.
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It's Sunday, I'm on deadline, so of course I had to check YouTube for evidence that would convince a three year old.

Bengal-tabby burp

Tuxedo burp
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Mrs A maintains that he doesn't burp or fart. But then, she also thinks he can do no wrong. Me, on the other hand...

I think he burps and farts, but that's because we're guys together.
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Mine burp after drinking water dripping from the bathtub tap. Loudly.
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My cat burps.

She also farts, pukes, sneezes, snorts, hacks, yawns loudly, snores, chews her claws and toes, licks her own butt, and scratches her belly while watching TV.

She is the best.
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Related do cats fart question.
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They also hiccup. It's true!

And: for fun with kids and cats, I give to you: Cat Behavior Bingo! Each card contains the same behaviors in a different arrangement. It was created for one particular cat (Sarah Sarahsen), so your cat may not have the same behaviors -- but maybe it will be fun anyway.
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As has already been covered, yes they most certainly do and it does smell like cat food.

This is a good question though, not all of what we would consider normal reflexes translate across species. For example, mice (and I think other rodents) don't have a gag reflex and are therefore unable to vomit.

Also the scientific word for burp is eructate, which is a lot of fun to say.
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They most certainly do.
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One of my cats likes to eat a lot and then come curl up on my lap and look up at me with squinty loving eyes and then burp in my face.

Somehow, coming from him, it's charming.
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As I read your question, it was with my elderly tiny kitty sitting on my arm and her stomach is growling like my grandma's used to do. I was already more than mildly amused and then read your question. I love all the responses!!
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Yes, they do. And my ladylike sweet Stella does this tiny feminine "urp", while Tim, manly cat that he is, will stand, stretch and open his mouth...BBBRRRUUPPPP", usually right in my face. Ick.
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You can tell your three year old that cats do burp the most disgusting fishy burps evar!

Shelleycat, interesting about rodents! I can share that horses can't burp or vomit also. A horse's stomach will rupture due to the esophagal valve only operating one way. You know there's some serious (and expensive) stuff going on when the vet puts a tube down a horse and there is gastric reflux.

I've also heard that bunnies can't vomit or burp. I cannot swear to the veracity of this remark.

So, everybody poops, but not everybody burps.
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And, of course, bunnies eat their own poop (the first time through anyway) and will eventually die of malnutrition if they can't ...
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Shines a new light on Bugs Bunny.
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Don't forget dejected, resigned sighs of disappointment.
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