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In my determination to start dressing more fashionably, I bought this mod coat. Except...what should I wear with it? Accessorize me, please!

I'm horrible at picking out winter hats (I finally decided it was time to move beyond a furry moosehunter style), and then choosing a scarf (if I should even wear a scarf with this???), and gloves.

And never mind style...what about color? Oy.

I'm fairly small framed, thin waisted, big busted, blonde, and tucking my hair up into a hat apparently makes me look like a soulful cancer patient (not my words).

I know, KNOW, this coat will look good on me though. I just need a jumping off point for delving into my fashionable self...because I pick out good I like slim, well-fitting leather gloves, and obviously belted coats, and boots.
I can never seem to really smush them together though, 'cause when I do, I sorta look like a retro or punk bag lady. And when I look up "how to wear...." through Google or other fashion sites, it's TOO high fashion and it gives me this urge to spend too much money.
I don't want to look like a smorgasboard of retro clothing, but I also don't want to look like I'm trying to walk off the know?

Thanks for your help.
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I would keep anything else as simple as possible. Do you need a hat? If you can get away with it, don't wear one. No scarf. Gloves, sure. I'd go with brown leather or suede. They coat is so bold that you want neutral accessories.
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That coat is very cute but it is also very loud. Stick to a beige knit beanie with your hair down or no hat at all. Brown gloves will look good with it. Don't accessorize with more than a simple scarf -- you're going to end up looking overdone.
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Best answer: That coat is an accessory all in itself. If you need a hat and gloves, I'd wear a simple knit cap and plain gloves in off-white to match the fur. Or maybe in another autumn leaf color to compliment the coat, like burnt orange or brown or dark mustard yellow. But you'd have to check that the colors actually looked good together first. I would not wear a scarf with that coat. If your neck will be cold, wear a turtleneck sweater underneath.
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That's an awesome coat!

I wouldn't wear it as an all-the-time coat, but it's perfect for things like New Year's Eve where you might be outside watching fireworks or something.

I'd stick with something simple - beige cloche hat or beige gloves.

You could totally rock that over a skirt with brown or black boots.
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I have a mod style. I'll go afield. I wear primary colors with my mod pieces: red, royal blue, yellow, orange. I tend to accessorize with black or with burgundy/brown (you know, that deep red that's a neutral?).

I'd pick a royal blue -- you know, mod blue -- scarf with that coat. But I'm a loud dresser! More practically, black always looks smashing with red. A black beret would be a subdued and still vintage/classic but modern touch. I have some really great Frye harness engineer boots, too, in cream and those can be toned up (with black tights and mini skirt people call them my superhero boots) or toned down, under wide legged jeans. I also have a black pair, which can more easily be toned down. A pair of wide legged trouser jeans would look great with that coat and let you wear boots. You could then wear something simpler on top (if it were me: my black kimono sleeve sweater, but I'm really trying to get away from wearing all black!). A beret. A gray or black scarf. Voila! Sophisticated and totally your own style.

A blog that has really changed my life lately is Already Pretty. I actually totally rearranged my closet based on her advice and I think I'm getting better use of the clothes I have (and wearing them more stylishly). She has an accessible for newbies (but incredible!) style and is really body positive. There are quite a few posts on layering and winter coats that address questions like these that you might like to peruse. Plus, her outfits are really inspirational.
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Love it! If you need a scarf to keep your neck warm (I always do) go with a creamy white to match the fur. Same for the hat. A knit cap with a wide cuff would look good. (I would absolutely wear that as an all-the-time coat!)
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I really like the way it looks with the scarf shown. I think a bright-patterned silky scarf (or a thin knit, nothing bulky) would look great draped around your neck and tucked inside the coat's collar.

Then slim leather gloves in brown or black, tall slim boots, and non-furry ear muffs or a stretchy winter headband that covers your ears but leaves your hair out. You could match the ear-wear to another color in the scarf or keep it neutral... white to match the coat's fur, or black/brown like the boots and gloves.
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I think you'll need a scarf with that neckline to keep you warm. I'm in the thin & tucked in camp, but a complimentary colour would be stronger than cream / white.

A structured bag is a think the most basic accessory for something like this.

There are many kinds & shapes of hats, keep looking :)

You will be gorgeous, I have no doubt
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Best answer: Navy blue is perfect for this, also black. A coat that popping, you don't want to beige it to death. I'd also steer clear of matching a scarf to the fur - it will look a bit like you have a rattier or balding bit of fur against your neck.
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Best answer: Yep, keep it simple, sleek and modern. I would go with black leather gloves, black shoes and a black clutch/small structured modern bag. If you need a hat, I'd choose a black knit beanie type hat, nothing big as there is enough volume in the fur. (Other colors you could try are grey and taupe but might be harder to match between single items. I'm no fan of brown. Off-white might be tricky, since you're blonde - it might just wash you out. I love DestinationUnknown's idea of other autum colors!).

I think the scarf is less of an issue and can be pattered/colorful if everything else is simple. It just should not be bulky.
If you think of the time period this coat is (inspired?) from slouchy bags were big. I would avoid shapes/items from that period though as I find a vintage look from head to toe looks less sharp than a vintage piece combined with modern items.
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If you need a hat, I'd look for something furry, ala Cossack style to go with the coat, and lace-up boots and leather gloves. Advice on how to chose a hat. YSL's Cossack collection.
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That's not really mod, that looks more late 60's to early 70's to me. The scarf paired with that by the seller isn't really a match.

I think it would look good with 70's style trousers or jeans in dark grey, navy, caramel, taupe. Not exaggerated bell bottoms or anything, just a more high-waisted, wider leg trouser style. Turtleneck sweaters in wool or cashmere. Black seems a little severe for accessories, again I'd try charcoal grey.
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I would wear magenta suede or leather gloves and a beret. Hats are hard to find in specific colors, so once you find a bright hat or cap, get gloves in another bright color.
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Best answer: First, you need a felt hat, with about a 2-inch brim, in cream. This link will help you decide on the right hat style for your face shape. If you have bangs, you can tuck them out of the way with a bobby pin before you put on the hat, and take the bobby pin off and stow it in the inner band when you take the hat off. This will help you not to get hat head too badly. Also, if you give the hat a sharp push upwards at the back when you put it on, that will help to reduce hair flatness.

You can also get a felt hat in the same shade as the coat, but future versatility suggests a cream hat will go further. If you can find one, get a similar style of hat in tobacco brown. No black, that would just be too heavy. Plum purple would do at a pinch.

For footwear, get two pairs of leather knee boots, one in cream and one in tobacco brown. About a two-inch heel would be good. After you buy the boots, get seven pairs of opaque tights (70 denier or you will wear through them instantly) in cream and seven in tobacco brown. Also get some pairs of ankle socks, also in brown and cream, to prevent staining of the feet of the tights, and to make sure that any gnirs that transfer from the tights to the socks, are at least the same colour. (I have black opaques that I wore with white socks, and the feet of the black tights have white gnirs.)

If you don't already have these things, get a jar of white shoe polish, a jar of tan shoe polish (or neutral if you can't find the right color match), some balls of cotton wool, and two shoe brushes. Buy a pair of boot trees for each pair of boots as well. You need to alternate the boots to make them last longer. When you wear down the heels of a pair, take them to be reheeled and also ask for a thin rubber sole to be applied; they will last much longer that way.

Or you could get a matching red or plum purple pair of boots, especially if your hat is that colour. But I think cream and tobacco will go further.

For gloves, you could pick cream or red.

For a bag, think of coordinating it with your shoes and hat. Cream will go further than tobacco brown because it also goes with the coat. But think carefully about how you're going to keep it clean. Your hat, bag, and shoes don't have to match but they do have to have something in common with each other, so perhaps you could have a cream hat with a tobacco band or vice versa.

I would get some sunglasses with cream-colored frames as well.

As for a scarf, choose something very flat and wide so you can simply smooth it across what you say is your large bust. That big collar isn't the greatest if you're busty, so you don't want to add more bulk with your scarf. Again, your scarf should be cream or red.

I would describe that coat as boho, not mod, but there I go.
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Congratulations - that is a beautiful coat!
There are tons of possibilities:
Ultra-sleek black or dark blue head to toe would look great. Black jeggings, a black turtleneck, black or red gloves and boots and big earphones instead of a hat. Sleek baby-blue also very cool.
Going full seventies style (Pucci) would be fun if you are up to it. They were very inspired by the movie Doctor Zhivago (and vice-versa), very romantic, Russian revolution. I'd wear heels with this style, if I were your body-shape. Tall fur hat, if you can find one.
After traveling in the Middle East, I hate scarves, but Iranians have a trick for keeping it off the forehead; they fold the scarf over a plastic headband which they place as far back as possible. It still covers the ears, which is good in colder climates. And it can look very, very flattering. Back in the day, I'd use very large scarves, but I don't think that would work with your coat.
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