Which Rifftrax are the best?
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What are the best (your favorite) Rifftrax?

I've been watching a bunch of Rifftrax recently, they're great. Which are the BEST ones and /or you favorite Rifftrax?
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Birdemic was great. I love The Hunger Games and watching it with Rifftrax was still enjoyable.
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I enjoyed The Happening a great deal. It's raining men!
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Watching Guy From Harlem right now and cracking up. Love the shorts. Don't miss Moose Baby, Carnivorous Plants and As You Like It. Seconding Birdemic!
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Personal favorites of mine include Roadhouse and The Wicker Man, both sources of running gags that get referenced in several other riffs. Also Over the Top. And the Twilight riffs. I am basing my answer purely on the riffs that come to mind first - I'm sure I have missed some good ones.
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Birdemic and Trolls 2 were hilarious. I would not have been able to watch either movie without the commentary.
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Seconding the Twilight movies; the riffs are just priceless.

Iron Man and LOTR are also surprisingly high-end; given that I enjoyed both movies on their own merits, I expected to find the riffs distracting or irritating, but I did not.

And xXx was pretty funny, though that movie causes brain bleeding even through the protective filter.

Firewall is good. Top Gun is hilarious. I remember Spiderman being funny, but it's been a while since I watched that one.
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The Twilight ones PURE GOLD. Of course, this means you have to watch the Twilight movies, but they are hysterically funny. My stomach hurt after watching Twilight: New Moon from basically laughing continuously for two hours.

Birdemic was great! So was Manos: Hands of Fate. Red Dawn is good and features BONUS Joel McHale!

For me, the best Rifftrax are ones where I don't like the movie that much, otherwise I find myself getting weirdly defensive, like "STOP MOCKING INCEPTION, OMG."
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I enjoyed Dragon Wars: D-War and The Room. Dragon Wars is incomprehensible, and The Room is the most cringe-worthy movie on Earth.
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The second Twilight one is pretty great. I also really liked one of the Transformers, but now can't remember which. I want to say it was the first, if only because I don't think I could get through more than ten minutes of Transformers 2 even with the Rifftrax.
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The Grudge. Absolutely hilarious. and yes, The Room. Oh hi everybody!
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The Room, Birdemic, and Star Trek: Generations.
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Went to the Birdemic live event and damn near wet myself.

We also enjoyed the Mano, Hands of Fate event.

We have Battleship:Earth and hoo-boy does the movie stink and the rifftrack are hysterical!

Of course you can always get some old Mystery Science Theatre 3000 stuff too.

Mr. B Sharp!


I need to stop right now.
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The Room and pretty much all Harry Potters
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I enjoyed all of the Star Wars riffs (hadn't seen Clones or Sith until Rifftrax), Holiday Special included.

The Room is a must, and all the shorts I've watched have been gold.
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The Happening destroys it. Thor's is also really good.
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Thanks! I think I'll go for Birdemic, Over the Top and the Twilights. I have Over the Top but have never watched it. Don't think I could make it through the Twilights without Rifftrax and I had never heard of Birdemic. Sounds like a horror version of The Room, which is awesome with and without Rifftrax. I've mostly been watching the Rifftrax for classic sci-fi (and Generations...) but I would love to jump into awful, awful movies. Wickerman was amazing. Thanks Mefi!
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For god's sake, don't miss Cocktail.

It's.. so.. good...
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My favorite so far is Jurassic Park (featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic!).
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Twilight and The Happening.
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Batman and Robin! (SLYT highlight reel)
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Oh, and Roadhouse! Because pain don't hurt.
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Damn the happening was Brutal. Thanks Metafilter!
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