Removing a moustache in one piece?
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How would one go about removing a curly handlebar moustache in one piece?

A friend has a moustache of this type that he'd like to shave/remove from his face, but not part ways with (and this means keeping its form intact), so I thought I'd see if the hive mind could suggest some good solutions for making this happen. The goal would be a shaven upper-lip and an intact curly moustache not attached to any faces. I imagine the key would be to use some kind of glue or holding agent, and then very carefully use electric clippers (or is there a better way?), but the specifics of what that holding agent would be (something permanent but non-toxic? or temporary but long enough lasting to follow up with something more permanent?) is unclear.

Any ideas?
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Use the really strong hair gel that people use to spike their hair, rub it in there and curl up that 'stache! I can imagine that it will take a little time for it to become solid, but at that point it should be easy to manage (or as easy as it's ever going to be).

A straight razor will be the tool of choice for this, and there will likely be some cutting and bleeding, since there is so little wiggle room in there. Actually, just a razor blade might work better, with a little tape wrapped along the top edge to keep it from cutting the nose. if the person with the moustache was the one holding the razor blade, they might be able to go nice and slow and make it happen, while someone else is holding the hair and pulling it slightly away from the face.

Whatever you do, make sure you videotape it. This is the type of thing that people will go crazy for on youtube.
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This is not going to be a successful project, unless you consider that video a successful project. In which case, do what they did. item's suggestion is as good as any. Maybe contact the makers of the video?
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Glue stick is incredibly effective at spiking hair and getting it to stay that way.
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I think you might have more success gluing/hardening and then using those small sharp grooming scissors to snip as close as possible to the skin.
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Nair applied using a thin tube? spirit gum to keep hair intact?
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It has been done

I think the best luck would be had with a straight razor and glue.
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I agree with Swisstine that those tiny pointed scissors (wielded by a friend, if possible) and a good dose of patience seem like the best bet to me. I think the "pushing action" (technical term) with any kind of a blade is going to disrupt the alignment of the hairs.

You realize you're going to end up with a Right Piece and a Left Piece, right?

Be sure to let us all know how this all turns out; good luck!
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Would a binder clip or some other clamp be helpful (in addition to gel/glue/gum)?
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I think the straight razor idea is dangerous and horrifying. Little scissors and lots of patience are the key.
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here's an idea:

encase the whole 'stache in wax. then carefully cut it off either with scissors or a razor. then glue the cut off ends of the hairs to some backing and then melt off the wax. the wax might preserve the natural form of the 'stache and also allow you to reconstruct it from larger pieces.
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He needs Tweezerman moustache scissors -- the straight pointy ones, not the curved ones with the blunted tip. Very sharp, even at the very tip; easy to maneuver, and can cut close to the skin. He should stick his moustache together as she chooses, and then have someone else start at one edge and snip a few hairs at a time, peeling back the moustache as they go.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll try to let you all know how it turns out.
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