Packs of Warhammer 40k tabletop terrain?
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I'm looking for some sort of "Starter pack" Warhammer 40k tabletop terrain, shippable to Canada.

My brother was convinced by his best friend to pick up Warhammer 40k. He's bought his figurines to build a Grey Knight army which he'll assemble and paint (and I'll probably end up helping him).

Anyhow, I thought that, for his birthday and possibly Christmas combined, I could buy him a "pack" or "set" of terrain objects, if such a thing exists. I don't know much about Warhammer but I know people are selling bits and pieces on Ebay of stuff they do themselves, or pass off things like aquarium decorations for tabletop accessories.

I can pretty much figure many people go with home made solutions like this but maybe there also exists official packs (containing a couple rocks/trees/obstacles/etc.)?

Do you guys know of any such things? Or shops who sell handmade stuff by the lot? We live in eastern Canada and shipping is sadly an issue.
I did find a few people selling packs of terrain stuff they crafted on Ebay but, while I'm willing to fork a tidy sum if I bundle my budget for both his birthday and Christmas on it, it often got a bit too expensive, especially when it would ship from Poland or the such.

Any help, pointers, shop recommendations and so on are greatly appreciated!
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Amazon has Pegasus terrain which is pretty good stuff.
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Games Workshop has all sorts of kit terrain that matches the 40K world. You can order it direct from them or get it from a local hobby shop if there is one in your area. It's kits so it'll have to be put together, painted, flocked etc. but it is decent stuff. It ships from Canada.

The Gothic buildings actually look OK in the plain grey of the injection plastic. It fits in with the dreariness of the many Imperium worlds; especially those scened in winter.
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Response by poster: Duly noted: thanks both of you! Sadly the website doesn't seem to carry the same things as (as usual, really) and I'm not sure they allow for shipping to Canada from the .com one...
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You're in luck! I got an email from GW today announcing their new terrain kit. Perfect for Grey Knights/40K.

I'll just go find it on their site...

OK, now that's AUD205. Which is bullshit and a major rip-off.

That reminds me though of a good value company, Amera. Here's their 28mm sci-fi range.
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