Watching the Atlanta Falcons in the OBX?
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I'll be in the Outer Banks the weekend before Thanksgiving ... I'm assuming that local television comes from somewhere in NC and that I'll get Tampa Bay @ Carolina on the local FOX affiliate? Or are the local affiliates from Southeastern Virginia (which, I assume, would show Eagles-Redskins)? My real question is ... what are my chances of seeing the Cardinals-Falcons game? And is there any way to "find" the Falcons game online if there is no chance that it will be shown in the OBX? Are there any restaurants/bars in the OBX that might show lots of games?
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You can see the regional coverage maps here. However they don't have week 11 posted yet. Maybe you can look at previous weeks to see what game you'd get in that area.

Another possibility is that if you know somebody with the Direct TV NFL package, maybe they could lend you their login so you could watch it from the online/mobile service.
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You might try First Row Sports. No idea if it's legal or not. May give your computer cooties, I dunno.

(I was gonna suggest but it looks like they've been shut down by the Feds.)

Failing that, here's a list of sports bars in the OBX. Call around, someone will have it on.

Rise up! Go Falcons!
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Any good sized pub with more than a few TVs probably has the DirecTV NFL package and will be happy to dedicate a screen to the game if you ask. You probably won't get sound as they'll have sound tuned into whatever the primary game for their customer base.
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Just wanted to chime in to say that Mama Kwan's (per BitterOldPunk's link), is loud, fun, and has great service and fabulous food!
Also, if you're staying in a cottage, they probably have an extensive cable package - I know we provide that for our renters :)
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