My conservative haircut has been voted out of office
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I'm looking for a (men's) hair stylist in Austin, TX. I'm changing careers, moving from conservative to more creative and funky, and want to update my hair style.

I seem to have slowly become the sort of person who enjoys wearing brightly colored shoes, funky thrift-store clothes, and weird european eyeglasses. Now I want to update my haircut from the $12 special I get from from the place next to the grocery store to something cool, modern, and stylish. I'm totally open to almost anything, even full-blown artificial colors like blue or green. That said, I haven't been in my 20s for a while, I've got a some of grey, and I don't want to be that creepy old guy trying to look like an 18 year old. Basically, I want an expert who can take all that and know the right answer; I'm willing to pay for good taste and judgement. Any advice on how to find somebody like that, or (even better) specific places you could recommend would be most appreciated.
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Birds would be fun!
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Bradz New Talent if you're on a budget
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If you're open to someone who cuts both men's and women's hair, I recommend my stylist, Linda at Visible Changes at Barton Creek Square. I'm 44 and rock short purple hair, and she keeps me looking fresh and funky.
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Birds is Supercuts for hipsters.

Try Propoganda.
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I was happy with my haircut at Floyd's in North Austin. If we still lived there, I would have kept on going.
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You can call Kate at Hair Shack on Mesa Dr -- she's a friend of mine from roller derby and cuts/colors most of our hair so she knows crazy hair :) The salon where she is a funny little place, but she's awesome.

She does do men's hair as well, and is super friendly and knowledgeable.

"Birds is Supercuts for hipsters." - so true
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Everyone is saying Bird's and I'm sure Bird's is fine, but trust me when I tell you that you want Shannon at Method.Hair. She is the owner of the shop, a third generation stylist, and she is really, really good at what she does. If you go in and tell her basically what you said here, she will work with you to find just the right cut for you, and will give you the best color if you choose to go that route. She is not in her 20s anymore, and will totally get that you aren't trying to look
like a youngster. She also loves it when her clients are open to new and funky looks.

It's such a cool shop. Everyone who works there is just great, they display work by local artists, play good music -oh, and the products they use there (which they will never push you to buy) smell amazing and not the least bit fruity or like other sorts of food.

It's right next to a train stop on the East Side, in case that matters.
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