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This American Life music question, episode #449: Middle School.

I need to know what this song is in This American Life. I've been searching for two years already.

In This American Life episode #449, there is a piano and strings song playing underneath the girl and Ira Glass while they're talking. The preview of the episode on their website does not have that song on it. The iTunes preview of that episode does have it playing.

I checked the TAL FAQ and it basically says I'm out of luck. I tried all the soundtracks and other music they listed and haven't yet found it.

Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, help me find this piece of music. It makes me so happy/nostalgic/content when I hear it that I really, really want to buy it, wherever it is. Does anyone know what it is, other avenues I could explore to find it, anything?
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I'm listening to it now (KUOW Seattle) but I think we've passed the point to which you refer-- the preview is most likely the intro, where Ira spoke to a young woman who called in and asked them to do the Middle School show?

Can you listen again and run Shazam or Soundhound on a smartphone during that segment?

If the segment is in the show, you can also re-listen all weekend, thanks to the amazing PublicRadioFan.com
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Sounds vaguely like something from the little miss sunshine soundtrack.
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Do you have Spotify? There's a public playlist which has most of the songs they use on the show.
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Best answer: Here's the answer - verified by listening:

Kristofferson's Theme by Alexandre Desplat
From the Fantastic Mr. Fox - Original Soundtrack

I'm glad I was able to find the answer for you, and for myself. It's a great song, isn't it?
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Response by poster: I cannot thank you enough, Amarand!! You have literally made my entire week. Possibly month.

Now, I'm off to listen to Kristofferson's Theme on repeat for HOURS.
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