When I grow up, I want to make music videos
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So... I have this dark and fuzzy cheapo camera video of 15 minutes of myself doing yoga. And I'd like to chop it up into one of those funky arty music videos. If you were me, and you'd never ever done anything like that before, where would you start?

How would you get it done for cheap/free and without too much of a learning curve? AND hopefully have some fun with it?

Assume I am not a programmer but am reasonably facile with computers and software. I have a couple-years-old PC running Windows 7 Home Premium - 1.3 GHz processor, 4 GB memory.

Also, I am not a trained artist, but I am reasonably creative and artistic.

Or is this the kind of thing I should try to find a film student to do?
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Response by poster: BTW, I could probably borrow an older Macbook of some kind from a friend, if I have to or if some flavor of Mac software would make this a breeze.
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Best answer: Windows Movie Maker is free, also Serif and Lightworks. Just read and do the tutorials before you dive in.
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Best answer: If you're only planning on doing this in a short period of time, downloading the trial of Sony Vegas Pro was by far the best route I found in a similar situation. Though now I do want it, so...
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Oh, and it really wasn't hard to understand how to use after watching ~15 minutes of YouTube tutorials, googling when I got stuck, and using common sense.
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